How to promote your website step by step

Online businesses are a very lucrative business that many people participate in today. The advantage of online business is that there is no traveling involved, and with comparatively lower investment costs you can make more profit. However, just starting an online business will not promise a lucrative income. It is important that you get repeat customers or visitors to your website to make it a profitable and money making business.

The most important step to be taken to promote your website lies in writing articles for the website. If you write the articles by yourself, you will not have to face any expenses. However, you can hire a freelancer to write articles for your website. In such cases, you will have to pay the freelancer for the services rendered. There are also many article directories on the internet where you can avail of articles for use in your website. Just make sure that the articles are available for free.

Distributing your articles also help in promoting your website. You could perhaps send your articles to other publishers needing fresh content. These publishers will include a link to your website in the article so that people will visit your site on reading the article. You can also place your articles in one of the many article directories found in the internet.

Creating an article directory on your site is a great idea to generate traffic. People are always on the lookout for contents to learn about specific topics, and when searching for article directories, they are sure to come across your directory, and thus generate traffic to your website. You can experience an increase in traffic to your website by writing, sending out and publishing as many articles on directories as possible. Make sure you are posting a minimum of one article per week, and if possible, more.

Of course, when you write articles, it has to be important that the content of the articles is related to the product or services you provide. There is no point of writing articles that are not connected to your business as these articles will not generate traffic to your website. When you create the home page of your website, avoid using too many pictures and graphics. Try to incorporate as many related and useful words in the home page. Avoid using frames in the home page as this sometimes prevents search engines from picking your page when a visitor makes a search for websites similar to yours.

When describing your home page, make sure that you also mention the purpose of your site and its uses. Do all this by using keywords that the visitor is most likely to use when searching for your site. You will also have to use the same words and perhaps some alternative words in your Meta tags so that the search engines will pick your page.

Remember that the title of your website and article is what it is that is going to pull visitors to your website. This is why it is very important that you use a great title for your page. It is the first five words of the title that captures the readers attention, remember it. Usually search engines look at the site to count how often keywords are used and where these keywords are placed on the page. The page describes you the best by using precise and prominent keywords in the page.

The most important point to remember to promote your website is to make your website as easy to use as possible. There are many sites that are hard to browse and navigate. Make sure that your site is clear, legible, and consistent. Remember, getting a visitor to click once on a site takes some effort, and to make them click too many times will only make them lose their interest in visiting your site. This in turn equals to traffic lost from your website!


Blogger gives us shop online

It was a relief to get this template, because so far it seems not possible using as an online store.
But all was over, an online store using blogspot finally appeared, very encouraging.

Thanks to the webmasters who have provided e-commerce templates for bloggers, with a template that is easy to use and look good, finally finished my online store as well.

Examples of online stores that I have successfully launched here and here, you, the reader can see an example.
Display a simple but full of functions like an online store with a base of existing programs so far, only an online shop was created using a template blogger.

If you are interested, you can download this template (free of course) here and here.

Follow these simple steps how to install the template (you can follow it here and here), to beautify the look of your blog from the manufacturer. 

Display of successful blogs that I created like this,

and this,

Just in minutes, online store of your dreams ready for launch.

The first template for a blog with lots of choices given, we can customize the background color, font color, etc., supported shopping carts premises existing functions, the more attractive appearance of this template.

For a blog with the next template is deceptively simple, but in function, the shopping carts that are used are also good, is not much choice for us to customize this template, but the important function to open an online store we’ve got already.

Next, it’s up to you, to choose, obviously, both these templates can be used as a means us to promote our sales. Good luck


Simple Blogger Template

The first posting of this review is to templates that use. This template called Magazine Basic with 4 columns of Free Blogger Templates
Description of Magazine Basic is a free blogger templates with 4 columns, sidebar on the right and left with neutral colors and thumbnail post.
Since the free, Magazine Basic templates can be downloaded here
It looks like this

As the name implies, Magazine Basic , the display will appear as a simple sheet magazine but enjoyable.
The order came from the initial post to the last published. Right and left sidebar was not full because of the
neutral color .

Better this template already has support from Google S.E.O, there is a sitemap script for crawling robot so easy in Google index.
We take advantage of Google’s webmaster tools, and ….. walah we get all the settings that we want. What I want to describe here is, I am not a webmaster and no need to bother to set all things technical about the website. About this technically I did not explain further, because I am not a webmaster.
For activation of the bloggers also not difficult, click here for the instruction. 
Magazine Basic advantage is, the template is easily adapted to the needs of bloggers. To record or journal, to share the news, to share tips and tricks, for classified ads templates, and much more could be done with this template.
For me, this template easy to use, with the advantages of this template I just need to set aside time to write and share information about everything that I experienced, and it was very enjoyable.
Want to try it too? Please, and I wait for the experience that you will tell. Please comment on your experience, a pleasure to share, isn’t it?
Good luck and I wait your comments